Have you heard of infrared goggles?

These magical devices can be an effective tool for diagnosing vertigo, a common condition characterized by a sensation of spinning or dizziness. Vertigo can be caused by various factors, such as inner ear problems, head injuries, or even certain medications. However, determining the underlying cause of vertigo can be challenging, as it often involves subjective assessments of symptoms.

Infrared goggles, also known as video nystagmography goggles, can help diagnose vertigo by measuring involuntary eye movements, which are known as nystagmus. When a person experiences vertigo, their eyes often make rapid, jerky movements which can be detected by the goggles. By analyzing these results, we can determine the cause of the vertigo and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

One of the main benefits of using infrared goggles is their accuracy. Unlike other methods of diagnosing vertigo, infrared goggles are non-invasive and do not cause any discomfort. Other benefits of infrared goggles include their versatility (they can diagnose various types of vertigo, such as peripheral vestibular disorders, central vestibular disorders, and positional vertigo) and they can also monitor the progress of treatment and assess the effectiveness of medications or other interventions.

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