A person receiving a relaxing massage therapy session, lying face up with a therapist's hands applying pressure to the back of their neck, promoting stress relief and physical well-being.

We have exciting news!

Great North Physiotherapy is pleased to announce the addition of massage therapy to its list of offerings. With this expansion, Great North Physiotherapy aims to provide clients with a holistic wellness approach, addressing physical rehabilitation and relaxation needs.

Massage therapy has long been recognized for its numerous health benefits, including:

Stress Relief: Massage therapy promotes relaxation and helps alleviate stress by reducing cortisol levels, the stress hormone, in the body.

Pain Management: Through targeted techniques, massage therapy can effectively alleviate muscle tension and reduce pain associated with various conditions such as injuries, chronic pain, and headaches.

Improved Circulation: The manipulation of soft tissues during massage therapy promotes better blood flow, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells while removing metabolic waste products.

Enhanced Flexibility and Range of Motion: Regular massage therapy sessions can help improve flexibility by loosening tight muscles and increasing joint mobility, improving overall physical performance.

To book an appointment or learn more, visit us at www.greatnorthphysio.ca or call 905-467-1440.

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